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Have you seen the cool items that Rachel from the Huismuts chose for the home makeovers? No? Not to worry! Check them all out in this blog!

Woohoo, we have super fun news!

Rachel van Sas, aka the house hat, is providing three mini makeovers at befriended influencers using a paint job with paint brand Flexa. To complete the styling of the makeovers, Rachel shopped the accessories with us! The makeovers will air this month but short snippets can already be spotted in Rachel’s vlogs.

photo credits: @thehousecap

Have you also fallen in love with these items? Shop them now!

  1. housedoctor decorative pillow cover sweep cream white green cotton 50x50cm
  2. hk-living photo frame round green ø14×1,3cm
  3. snurk bedding comforter cover pompom 240×200/220 incl 2 pillowcases 60x70cm
  4. housedoctor vase dot gray ceramic ø10×9,2cm
  1. oyoy decorative pillow fluffy herringbone eggplant purple cotton 40x70cm
  2. design duo candle tallow burgundy kerosene 24x11x11cm
  3. hk-living plaid aztec multicolour cotton 125x150cm
  4. hk-living ornament artificial jellyfish m pink glass 7,5×7,5×11,5cm
  1. hk-living cushion aztec multicolour cotton 40x60cm
  2. hk-living vase yellow copper brass 16,5×16,5x20cm
  3. housedoctor calendar eternity wooden blocks l12xw8xh10,5cm
  4. madam stoltz hourglass two tone fuchia sand glass 5,8x18cm

Watch the vlogs of the House Cap here!

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